Homework for Kids 500BC


Write a one-page essay on “sour” Buddha says.
“Sour is… well sour!”

Ok… now try “pain”
“Errr… I pinched myself all red, but I’ll pass on this one”

Alright, now try “happy”
“That’s easy… hahahaha.  That’s not the answer is it.”


Buddha: Your loved one spits saliva onto the palm of her hands, asks you to lick it… would you?

Kid: Hell no!

Buddha: However, when a feeling corners you… you don’t mind sticking your tongue into her mouth and drink that saliva.

Kid: Eeeewwww!


What are feelings?
Can they be touched?
Be bottled?
Recorded onto Tapes, CDs, DVDs?
Or can they be written down?

What do they do?
Do they make us tick?
And how often?
Make us breathe?
Make us blink?
Make us eat?
Make us kiss?
Make us paint?
Make us kill?
Make us sleep?
Make us change postures?
Do they make babies like you?
Hahahaha, yes

Are feelings the meaning of life?
Are feelings the ultimate addiction for all sentient?
Where do they come from?
And how trustworthy are they?


That’s a lot of homework for kids 500BC.
Boldly go where no primary schools today have gone before!



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