Suffering / Happiness = 50/50?


Who ever says that life is entirely suffering?
Sounds like a sad joke doesn’t it…
Since life wouldn’t even be worth living at all if this was the case.


How would we feel about Hell?
Does Hell appear to be worth living in?
Worth going for a visit?
Worth experiencing?

And what about Heaven?
Wouldn’t we burn in Heaven just like we do down here?
Deep in our instinctive nature, we already know the inevitable.

The questions is… Isn’t this Hell right now?


A stranger I met on the street one day said:

To live is to suffer life’s consequences.
For life is absolute suffering.

The guy didn’t really know what he was talking about…
Or did he?


A few suicidal beings I have met and counseled claimed that they never experienced a single moment of happiness since they came into this world… which was hard to believe.  And like a miracle rubbish-bin, the monk listened to their sufferings, and maneuvering them out of committing the suicides were the typical routines.  Of course that was me 5 years ago… today I’m a new man!  I don’t rob sentient beings of their experience points anymore.

The typical blurry aspects of human life… having to wake up at 2am and rush to the toilet because of a severe stomachache… sitting on the dunny pushing the doo-doo out and thinking about what could have caused this food poisoning… could this be ongoing…?  will I be sick and off work tomorrow?  and in some cases, which restaurant should I be taking to court?!  hahahahaha.  All of that might piss us off for a few seconds or several minutes depending on how long we Think, but like all things, it passes.  And like any humanoid events… it is quickly forgiven and forgotten.

We magically expel our doo-doos, pick our noses, cleaned whatever comes out of eyes, ears, mouth, penis, vagina, anus, scratch, blink, breathe, fight, eat, sleep, cry, get fired, etc… but don’t seem to possess the memory long enough to record these pains.  Why?  Do we simply ride out our lives ignoring its sufferings?

IF Happiness  then press SAVE
IF Suffering then press DELETE
end program.

It appears the occasional jolt of happiness is the key to living.  Or at least it makes life interesting enough to keep ticking.  But how real are these Happiness and do they last?  As spoiled as we are today… our new and shiny Happiness has to always outscore the previous ones, like a new Hollywood hit compared to an old celluloid.  Old movies possess no bark, no bite, no fashionable soundtracks, no believable special effects, no professional camera angles, bad lighting, poor sounds, crappy animation, out-of-style hair-dos, revolting actors, etc…  It just doesn’t make us Tick anymore.   So Happiness isn’t just a ride, it is a never-ending search


But what if that deranged stranger and the comment he made above was right?  Life is absolute suffering.  When Buddha talked about the First Noble Truth… he did not say that life is 70% suffering and 30% happiness.  He said what the deranged stranger said.  However, perhaps we mistranslated the Pali word “Suffering”.  Perhaps we’re looking at suffering in the wrong places.  Or perhaps we failed to understand the nature of Universe.

IF Action = Reaction
Creation = Collapse

IF Constant = False
Struggle = True

IF Action = Reaction
Causality = True

IF Causality = True
Karma = True

IF Karma = True
Living = Dangerous
end program.


Is living a thin red line?
How many actions do we perform each day to prevent its perish?

In Dhamma – a burning flame like the rest.
Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu.



2 Responses to “Suffering / Happiness = 50/50?”

  1. I am afraid you are mistaken about what the Buddha said. I refer you to Barbara O’Brien’s excellent explanation of dukkha (which is what Gautama referred to, not the English “suffering”).

  2. Thanks Bill for your comment.

    Never trust a bald-headed babbling beggar like me…

    See for yourself.

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