Universe vs. Law


Now you might wonder if Universe is on trial here?
Hahahaha!  Nope it isn’t.

Universe, also known as the Space-Time-Continuum like all things had a beginning… the existence of just Space.

Now I don’t know the exact details of how it got from Space to Space-Time-Continuum, but certainly various Actions took place, and hence Creation.  And whether this makes any bit of sense to the readers I do not know… none the less, Nothing Generates Nothing is one of the scientific laws.

One teacher I met this week pointed out an interesting formula, ACTION => REACTION, means that whatever is created must be destroyed.  And it is ignorant of the creator(s) to fall in love with their creations for being self, or to endure the heartbreaks for these creations when they are dued for disintegrations.


No one lives forever,
No families without deaths,
No countries without despair from losses,
No empires that never collapsed,
No planets escape disintegration into space dusts,
No worlds escape the black hole,
No Universes escape final destinational collapse,
Because nothing lasts forever,



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