A Tail-Chasing Life


Dear Readers,

Today I was approached by a young lady who attended the memorial funeral of her late mother, passed away in a vehicle accident exactly one year ago.  We talked, actually she did most of the talking.  My lines were mainly “That’s Okay…  I’ll do chanting for her… She’s in a better place now… etc…”

We arrived at the point where there were 3 passengers in the crash and she was the only one surviving.  Both Her mother and friend weren’t so lucky.

“When the truck rammed into us… I felt as if someone, or something saved me.”  She said.  “Actually I knew somebody saved me.”  She added.

“Really?  How?”  I asked.

“Well… I was the one closest to the right door, where the truck rammed.  Mom’s friend was driving and we just took off when the lights turned green.  The truck driver had no time to even touch his brakes because he fell asleep at the wheels.  I mean… don’t get me wrong, I was hit pretty hard.  I saw the accident coming.  My eyes were squinted, face cringed up as I readied myself for whatever was going to happen.  The sound must have been loud, but I didn’t hear much, since my body was tightened up.  Our car was shunted from mid road onto the footpath, landing on its left door.”

“How horrible…”

“The strange thing was… although I was right there at the point of impact, getting acquainted with the crumple zone of our little death mobile.  And I did feel the door hit my arm, somehow… it seemed like the door was retracted away from me.”  Showing elaborated gestures with her hands.  “Or I was being pulled away from it”.

“Were you injured in the crash?”  I asked.

“That was the strangest thing.  I didn’t even have a scratch on me!”  She highlighted her finishing coming down with the edges of her hands and showing her unharmed body.

“I see…  You were extremely lucky”

“It wasn’t my time to go I guess…”


“Or it must have been my good karma… but my poor mother.”


“I mean, I was supposed to die, but I was saved…”


“Maybe my guardian Angels still wanted me to go on living…”


“Perhaps I am meant to do something great…”


“I don’t know really.”



Although my blank face was starring at hers… Images of Multi-Universe came into my mind as she drew the pictures of “what ifs”, displaying the different possible paths of her life, otherwise known as CHOICES.  Now I do not know if Multi-Verse is possible and I didn’t care, but I realised suddenly then that in this Universe, there are no such thing as accidents.  All phenomena occur in straight line.  Only THOUGHTS are the ultimate conning device.


We are our very own tail chasers.  Although what’s done is done.  Thoughts keep us trapped in this game, creating idealistic paths of which almost seems “could be”, “perhaps”, “maybes”, “what ifs”… illusions known as Choice.  Continuously grasping and generating its own INFORMATION for future crunchings and calculations.  Keeping the gears of Universe turning… or keeping the batteries going (if you like the Matrix definition).  Who needs a Time Machine when we have the mind?


This is the primary goal of Universe, offering Drugs to all sentient life as bait to keep itself alive.  So we are just players in a big Casino of Information.  Of Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Touch, Thought, Memory, Feeling & Space Dust.  A real prison indeed.  It is what we exist for…  the Meaning of Life.

Hence “I” become the very architect of my own Demise.

The only way to win… is to not play.


In Dhamma – same tail-chasing INFORMATION like the rest.
Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu.



One Response to “A Tail-Chasing Life”

  1. The story was captivating with the familiar reaction from those who were directly involved. I like the buddhist perpective particularly the use of phenomena in a straight line to explain the tail chasing life. An explaination different from the usual that I’ve heard.

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