Absolutely Happy


“I want Happiness”.

Sure… all sentient beings possessing feelings need Happiness.
True… everyone reaches for it.
Exactly… all employs endless techniques to obtain comfortable feelings.
Definitely… that many die trying.
Undoubtedly… that struggling to obtain Happiness leads to frustration, for Happiness keeps escaping our reach.
And Unquestionably… 10 years of this grapple is the King of Pain.


So can we ever obtain Happiness?
Of course we can!
But first, we must solve this equation “I want Happiness”.

OK… here goes a fat monk-ey… hahaha.
First the elimination of “I”   _equals to_ want Happiness
Then eliminate the “want”   _equals to_ Happiness


Happiness” is the perfect formula.
As it is already… Happy.

Let me know how this formula works for you.



Sir Phra Mick Newton.



One Response to “Absolutely Happy”

  1. Clever formula – i like it.

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