Boldly Go Where No Money Has Gone Before


Money can buy a House… but not a Home.

Money can buy a Bed… but not a good night Sleep.

Money can buy a Watch… but not Time.

Money can buy Comfort… but not Liberty.

Money can buy Rank… but not Respect.

Money can buy Power… but not Vision.

Money can buy Information… but not Perception.

Money can buy Faith… but not Wisdom.

Money can buy Blood… but not Life.

Money can buy Weapons… but not Peace.

Money can buy Insurance… but not Safety.

Money can buy Coexistence… but not Acceptance.

Money can buy Sex… but not Love.

Money can buy Medicine… but not Health.

Money can buy Relieve… but not Freedom.



So boldly venture where money can’t take you today!
The good news?
All the tools required are already within ourselves.



Because money can bring end to Discomfort and Diseases…
but not to Death.



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