No Life on Earth


This dialogue conversation between Phra Mick Ratanapanyo and Professor Suanjit Kitanapon was recorded 20-06-2008 at Wat Avut Vikasittaram – Bangkok.


Professor S.K.: I’m reading a book on Quantum energy… and I’m wondering “What are the differences between energy and space-particles?”

Phra Mick: None… hard substances are simply energies vibrating at certain frequencies.


P.S.K.: Oh I see. SO… both body and mind are all energies, vibrating at various frequencies, generating… well, actually materialising, and then perception takes those tasks further.

PM: Perhaps.


P.S.K.: I guess nothing generates nothing like they say… and although in the beginning there was just space, it was worthless without time and continuity, right? So now all of these energies are connected in a space-time-continuum, effecting back and forth causing perpetuation on a harmonical scale, am I right?

PM: Probably.


P.S.K.: So here’s my big question… “What if life then? How can any of us be alive if we’re all just energies? How can we have different desires, different views, different meanings of life?”

PM: We are not. No one is alive. Only the “IDEAs” that we are.


P.S.K.: Wow! Wow! I see… you’re either mad or extremely correct yea?. Ideas, like thoughts are energies too, am I right?

PM: Should be.


P.S.K.: Hahaha… you don’t talk much do you. How do I confirm this theory of yours?

PM: Well here’s a neat trick for you… Watch “IT” think by Itself. Just once, and you’ll see. There would be no more queries to any theories.


P.S.K.: Thank you Phra Mick for all of your ideas.

PM: No problemo.



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