Mindfulness and Buddhism


While sitting at a pier, waiting for the speed boat… I got bored, so I purchased some bread to feed a school of catfish. I emptied the entire bag down into the water and watched the feeding frenzy. “Too Fat Too Furious.” I called them… and probably way too serious when hungry. The speed boat was hauling my way, so I had to hurry to the dock. But as soon as I turned, a middle aged woman was standing right in front of me, and we suddenly connected.


“Yahhhhhhhh!!!!!!” The lady yelled, her arms cart-wheeling like an old Chinese Kung fu master performing the white-crane block, while she stumbled backwards into some innocent bystanders.

“Ooops! Sorry.” I said… putting my hand up in apologizing posture, as well as to catch her if she falls.

“I don’t want to go to hell… I just touched a monk!” Her red face spoke.

“I’m no monk… I am simply an idea you chose to believe.” I replied.

“Are you a fake monk then? Are you not Buddhist with the precepts?” She asked angrily.

“Well… when one possesses mindfulness, there is no such idea called Buddhism.”

“??????” She gestured.


Although I missed the boat… that too was also just an idea.


In dhamma – a burning flame like the rest.
phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.


4 Responses to “Mindfulness and Buddhism”

  1. hhahaha

    you are creating havoc all over Thailand!

  2. Oh what are you talking about?
    The Thais, they’re loving it!

    Yes, although our frequencies were completely different, she was using AM & FM, and I was neither.
    She had her own Kung-fu styles, and I was the drunken fist, style-less & nameless.
    But still… the suggestion might do her good in the future.

    or maybe not… but who cares?

  3. I think that is cool. I like the too fat furious, do they do Bangkok drift?

  4. I am delighted to read this. It’s very you Phra Mick…I can recognise 😀

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