Truth in Instances


Mindfulness does not exist timelessly…
Rather it occurs in instances, following each movement.

For where there is cause, there is effect.



3 Responses to “Truth in Instances”

  1. Dear Phra Mick,

    Could you please explain more on the last sentence? I am not really sure about the meaning of that.


  2. yes Thao,

    Since mindfulness is just an intercepting action without any ownership. When mindfulness is forced to happen, we take it as OURS, however when it isn’t, it occurs naturally just like any phenomena.

    Right Mindfulness therefore, is simply the scratch to an itch… a blink to sore eyes… a meal to hunger… and a movement to end thought.

    As soon as thought(1) arises, so does mindfulness, arising to intercept thought(1). Both ending naturally.

    Did this answer your question?

  3. Thank you.

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