Choice or No Choice?


Is choice an illusion?
Is it just another card thrown at a player?
Are we able to see beyond the current card until the next one arrives?
Some say they can.

Ever had a day when you were lost for words?… when you couldn’t recall a memory?
Some say “my brain isn’t working today…”
I say “the mental movies aren’t playing to me”

Ever had strangers read out your life like a book?
And then it hits you…
If choice were real, if life wasn’t pre-written… these guys would never ever get it right.
There is no prediction for Universe, since she is so harmoniously balanced.

We can chose whether to think: LIFE SUCKS! or THANK GOD I’M ALIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY right?
However, those are two separate cards thrown at us…
Card 1 = LIFE SUCKS! ; Card 2 = THANK GOD I’M ALIVE…

One can say confidently the pre-designed nature of Universe.
One has witnessed clearly the preciseness of the system.
One had envisioned the perfect balance and harmony of it all.
And as one understands the non-existence of “coincidence”.
One shall see… no such occurrences as “choice”.


“Prisoners shall continue to play as long as they believe they have a choice.”
The Architect – The Matrix Reloaded.


Highly elusive duty of delusion is…
Only right mindfulness allows us not to stumble.


So what choices manifest at you after you read this post?


In dhamma – another mental movie like the rest.
phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.


2 Responses to “Choice or No Choice?”

  1. If you hold the view that there is no choice, are you a fatalist? Do you think everything is predestined and you are merely acting out a set script?

    I am no fatalist. I believe and see cause & effect. Our choices are limited by karma, but every moment is still full of potential to create new causes for the future.

    Why it might seem as if we have no ability to choose and our lives seem to run its course beyond our control is because we have not created seeds and conditions strong enough to change the course of our karma. The Buddhist notion of karma has been misinterpreted many times as fatalistic, in which we passively “reap what we sow”. I think karma is very empowering in showing that we should be responsible for our actions and our lives.

  2. Nice…

    However… Buddhist or not… ideas, suggestions, believes and teachings are simply hypnosis-instructions, mental-movies, fuels for cars, derailments for trains, pains-in-the-ass and all in all – a hot burning flame.

    Similar to Buddha’s teaching to a group of fire-warshipping hermits:
    Mano Adhitto – The Mind is a flame.
    Dhamma Adhitta – Ideas are all a flame (Buddhism included)
    The mind simply receives new instructions and begin processing.

    Therefore views, reasons and expectations are all illusions.
    The exacting duties of Mr. Delusion.
    To throw us off the very “present” moment.

    One example is Confusion, an idea leading the mind to struggle for resolution, so rather than listening to Mr. Confusion and struggle insanely… know that it is “confused automatically by itself” – and that very moment is the right knowing. All further throwing from that seed will stop.

    Another classic example is “How do I stop thoughts”… again, an absolutely crazy misunderstanding in nature, coupled with an idea (how to stop) leading to mental struggles causing more thoughts than ever previously conjured. Instead… know that it is “thinking automatically by itself” – that very moment is the right knowing. Resulting in a real “STOP” of forward throwing or stumbling.

    The present is paramount… for it knows the true functioning nature of the mind – to Think, to jump, to throw, to struggle, to not be still, never be able to remain in one state too long. The present is an awakening to the nature of things.

    From there, IT has wisdom to understand the IT (the mind) isn’t home like it used to think it was… but rather a-flame, a fire, a engine of suffering. IT automatically lets go by ITself.

    Parami Anatta – perfections are not self, not soul
    Panya Anatta – wisdom are not self, not soul
    Rupa Anatta – body is not self, not soul
    Vedana Anatta – feelings are not self, not soul
    Sanya Anatta – memories are not self, not soul
    Sankhara Anatta – mental movements are not self, not soul
    Vinyanam Anatta – all consciousness are not self, not soul


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