Layers of Delusion – Straight Line Zen



This Anti-Virus upgrade is not for newbies. And although it is an upgrade, all previously embedded and degraded Anti-Viruses must be removed prior to installation.


Begin update…


Watching anger rises…
If (
Still fear anger…
Still a precept holder…
Still fear NATURE…
Still wanting to be good…
Still not beyond good and evil…
Still loving “ME” beyond all else.
Hence the constant failure to understand truth.
) then… program out-of-date – repair.


Hatred to anger rises… see it.
Thinking “anger… anger… anger…” these thoughts are cons – kids stuff – emergency repair!

Thinking “it moves by itself, like everything else”… another con.


Watching anger falls…
Thinking “nothing can be controlled… nothing is mine”… yet another con.

Thinking “Good… I gained some wisdom today”… the worse con of them all.


Fake wisdom is in the worlds of thoughts…
True wisdom sees through every thought as delusion.


End of program module upgrades…
Have a nice freakin’ day.



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