From my friend, Gavin Lucas


Gavin says…

Try this today:

Every time you open a door… look at it for ten seconds and try to think of all the elements that make up the door, where they came from, and where they are going… then you’ll see there IS no door

it’s changing every millisecond, on a molecular level

Every time you walk…. take one step.. ask yourself… is my body the same body as it was before I took that step….

When there is liberation – there is no liberation and no-one liberated

Escaping is when u realise there is nothing to escape from

I am not inspiring you… I am you and you are me

I exist only in your mind… through your senses…. if you weren’t here to perceive me… I wouldn’t be



I once was a dreamer, lost in the waves of the ocean which battered me, and threw me around, here, there, everywhere.

Somewhere in this dream, by an act of grace, or not, I began to wake up. And then I realized something utterly profound, or not.

There was no dreamer and there was no ocean, there were no waves! No battering, no throwing, no me! There just was. Or not….

And then I was embraced by a beautiful peace, a peace which I had never felt before. And no matter what happened I knew it had never happened, never would, and that none of it even mattered anyway… or not.



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