A Precept-less Monk


Adam and Steve had a discussion in front of a Buddhist monk.

Adam said “Monks are considered to be higher than people, since they hold the 227 precepts, right venerable?”

“Naah… high and low are just matter of perception.” Said Steve.

I am precept-less.” Voiced the man in robe.

“W-Ha?????” Both men were stunned.

“From precepts, I realised that Universe is precise and balanced, however I no longer fear Karma. I have no more desire to be good nor discriminate evil, because I no longer need to love me. Therefore I have ridden all of my precepts.” Replied the man in robe.

phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.



3 Responses to “A Precept-less Monk”

  1. sukhachan Says:

    Sila anatta

  2. roujinlim Says:

    Hey Phra Mick… How you’ve been? Feeling better? How’s Phra Mana as well? Hope you get better soon… 🙂

  3. roujinlim Says:

    Hehehe happy to get your messages PM!!! 🙂

    I hope you now feel more energetic (well you sounded like one though) and when you see Phra Mana, pls send my metta to him and his dad.

    Sometimes when we sick we think that there’s something wrong with us… but actually sickness is just a part of life — which means it’s normal to get sick! Hehe

    Don’t worry PM, I believe so many generous hearts would donate for Sunna’s compie 🙂 When I go there one day, I’ll yell out to everyone to put money in the box… hahhaha lol (please dont take my word literally… ) 😛

    well.. Take care PM… Get well soon 🙂

    Much metta

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