Recovering from Flu


Phra Mick’s flu recovery video…
turn up the volume to hear the mumbling!


5 Responses to “Recovering from Flu”

  1. Get well soon, Phra Mick!!!!

  2. Good to hear you’re feeling better. Ay, your pic looks like a thug again! So i’m gonna express post some urgent metta from Bundanoon forest to you. Hope you get it and you can smile again!

    As for your all-time fav quote: “The last place we ever look, will be the last book we ever read” – You always say you never read…does that mean the last place is forever out of your reach?! Does comic books or chanting books count?!

  3. Hope that you are better now.. Get well sooN!

  4. Thank you to all for concerning with my health.
    I have completely recovered and now flirting with Egyptian statues in Cairo, collecting truckloads of information regarding one of the planet’s once most advanced ancient civilizations of all time. So advanced that no current technology, science or wisdom can ever grasp their way of life, their construction methods or religious values.

    The museums here are soooo superb, the best artwork seen so far in my entire life (not kidding! unfortunately no cameras allowed), work performed during the time of this civilization seemed far too accurate and beyond human capabilities. I feel this place like home, like i’ve been here before. Very enriching, recharging, fitting in well with the locals and finding them extremely honorable people, however, things are expensive in Cairo… Aussie money is far from King.

    To Tina… I’m your bro as always, and that’s my happy face in the picture, truly! Not some steal-a-tank-rob-a-bank mugshot like you imagined.

    As to my phrase “last place we look, last book we’ll read”… understanding this requires a whole new language of heart. Unlike anything you’ve read before… this is where beliefs die and realising faith to be con. A place of truth where Buddhism becomes an anti-virus software that removes itself once all viruses are removed! It successfully performs its function as a show about nothing… another mental movie… an idea… the last con…. etc…. Leaning the heart is basically similar to looking at data from a plane’s Black Box, it speaks to you raw, no language, no thoughts of love or wisdom, confusion or doubts, etc… JUST IS, AS IS. Get the picture? Training the mind to receive these data correctly is a whole new ball game… and a whole new set of rules. For more info… kindly visit previous materials and leave questions, responses, etc…

    in dhamma – burning flame like the rest
    everyone’s bad bro,

  5. นุ้ย Says:

    Luang Phi..I miss yooooou!!!

    Hope to hear loads and loads of good stories once you’re back. Can’t believe you’re in the other side of the planet now and you’ve made it the most wonderful place to my ears now. Woah! What a dude!

    Anyway, please keep me posted about how you’re doing. Can’t wait to see you again.

    With a whole lotta Metta


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