Not another Zombie Movie



The wonderful times of Mae Hong Son left a young group of meditation explorers expressing themselves in a rather emotionally twisty-like kind of departure.  From left, we have Lisa, Mikey, Phra Mick, Mick and Joe… plus Pim (camera man).  Thank you all for your loving energy and kindness.

Phra Mick.


5 Responses to “Not another Zombie Movie”

  1. roujinlim Says:

    Funny photo Phra Mick!!! I love that!! 😀

    Yeah, sure you can send me the email PM… For me dream is such a mystery… too many mystery in life… hahhahaha (or maybe its due to delusions, that is why we see the reality as ‘mystery’ hmmm)

    Take care Phra Mick =D

  2. yeah, I like that photo too.
    It reminds me of Sean of the Dead movie.

  3. Which one’s Sean?

  4. Cool Photo!=) Full of energy, fun and loving kindness. One have to have fun before they can send metta. hehe!

  5. Ya! We sent metta non-stop! Although we looked kinda like the characters from Village of the Damn in that photo… but i never doubt for a second that the kind and loving undead characters from such movies would lack compassion!

    I mean… of course they tortured, murdered and ate entire family members before wearing their skins and danced charmingly under the pale moon light (me and moon are pals). But i’m sure they did exactly what they were programed to do.

    We were far better though… we refrained from devouring human brains, but we couldn’t hold ourselves back… we had to annoy them a little.


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