“my” Thoughts


Ever wonder “who” made “my” thoughts?


I’m hungry”
I’d better go to work”
“It’s hot… I should turn the fan on”
“Oh I just remember, I have to call my mum”


So subliminal these thoughts are… and yet so personal and surreal.
Like the tiniest strings that animate this puppet.
Conjuring sneakily below sub-conscious level…
and always contain the words “I”, “me”, “my” and “mine”.


But should one’s mind be trained to follow… especially when one is absent-minded.
One shall realise the selfless nature of these below subconscious thoughts.


The question is “who” made these thoughts?
Is it me?


Related topic:
Right Mindfulness (Samma Sati) – obtaining unintentional and automatic knowing function.



in dhamma – a burning flame like the rest.
phramick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.





2 Responses to ““my” Thoughts”

  1. I think that is true about the “I” thing.
    But how do you express that with other language like Japanese?
    Japanese hardly use subjective such as “I” in their sentence.
    So that “I” doesn’t work with Jap people.
    But then again, in Thai language as well. They don’t have to use “I” in their sentence, so how could people realize it is “I”. If they can’t see them self in their own speak?

  2. No “I”s don’t mean the thoughts do not conjure movements of the puppets. So whether your thoughts contains “I” or not makes no difference.

    Know what i mean?

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