Zodiac and Selfless Universe

Back by popular demands!

And armed with a newly compiled document detailing Chinese Astrology Database!

Click Detailed Chinese Astrology to download Detailed Chinese Astrology.

However, keep in mind the reasons why we study it,
Why no animal is perfect,
Why some are compatible and some are not,
And how Universe is programed to perpetuate.

This compilation was not made for the sake of fault-finding sentient existence,
But rather for the ultimate realisation into the Selfless Nature of Universe.





How can one predict the future?



One needs not be holy…
A good knowledge of astrology will do just fine.
Universe is far too precise for anything to be incident.
Hence there exists no such thing as “prediction”,
but rather the understanding of pre-written chapters.

Changes of course can be made to all pre-prgramming,
however, certain things must also give to maintain the balance.
One can cheat death by dedicating a life time in helping others.

Most importantly… perceptions of this pre-written movie
with actors, actresses, births, aging, sickness and deaths…
aimed purely for emotional viewing -so called Feeling
eventually serves as providores of realisation of
this Selfless Universe.

Don’t just grasp for knowledge of future…
Understand it!










4 Responses to “Zodiac and Selfless Universe”

  1. roujinlim Says:

    Hi Phra Mick!!! Thanks for your comment 🙂
    When you coming back to Syd Phra Mick? We miss you!!! Hope you are happy and well there 😉

    I didn’t ask what time my friend had the dream? Is there any significant difference if the dream is at night or after the sunrise?

  2. Hi Rosie,

    I do not know the return date yet… but i will definitely return to the west. It might take me an extra year or so.

    Yes there are huge differences in the time that dreams occur.

    Most “Prediction dreams” happen at approximately 4-5am… and are usually in very cypherable and meaningful imageries. Characters you have never met before, but somehow still appear familiar to you, talking and performing coded actions. These are mostly direct way of communication for the Jatumaharajika Frequency (1st level of heaven).

    “Scary and haunting dreams” happen around 2-3am… the scavenging time for the Ghost Frequencies. If you have done great meditations and repeatedly fail or forget to radiate the energy to surrounding entities, these events often occur.

    Other dreams happen just like any thoughts… the nature of the mind… jumping choicelessly, coming from nowhere and going nowhere… randomly projecting images and sounds… selfless.

    Hope this helps your friend.

  3. Thanks PM!!! 😀
    I asked my friend about his time of dreaming… It seems it’s ard 3-4 am.. But it doesn’t sound like a bad dream to me. Recently he dreamt of a monk giving him a book titled “Guan Si Yin Cin” (Which I may translate as “The Sutra of Guan YIn). The monk told my friend that it may help him. In addition to the book, the monk told him some number — something like 60 and 8.

    Does it mean anything PM?

  4. Hi Rosie… Can i send the reply to your email address?
    My reply is long, technical, rated MA and not suitable for public viewing.
    To put it one way…. its contents are far beyond the safety regulations of a standard Dhamma seat-belt.


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