Phra Mick’s Christmas Song


Phra Mick’s Christmas Song
(Sung with tune borrowed from “UNIBUDS’s Song”)

For those never heard of UNIBUDS’ song, the theme goes like this :
la la la laaaaaaa la la la la la laaa
la la la la la la la laa la laaa! la laaa! la laaa…




For those in search… of truth in frustration
Phra Micky’s the one
For Universe couldn’t destroy him


Ain’t no Dhamma as cool as Phra Mick’s
Never fuss, just simply annoying
Oh yes! Very annoying
For the better-ness of this…


Joy… he makes from his annoyance
He… talks like machine gun
Creating paths… of disturbance


There ain’t no way… you could stop him
Brain and mouth… working together
Oh yes! They’re working forever
For the better-ness of this…


Come… and join me
There’s no point to avoid me
I… will convert you!
To… Buddhism


You’ll… never know it
By the time… you’re converted
You’ll… never realise it!
That I… did it… just for fun.


La la la la… la la la la la la
la… la la la la
la la… la la! la la… la la


Play with your mind
Like planting new… virus
I… am infectious
Before you know… your mind bought it


The only way… to ever be free from this
is to reach some enlightenment
Oh Yes! Get some enlightenment
For the better-ness… of this world.

La la la la… la la la la la la
la… la la la la
la la… la la! la la… la la

la la la la… la la la la la la!
la la la! la la la la la
la la! la la la la la
la la la la la… la la la


(repeat forever)





12 Responses to “Phra Mick’s Christmas Song”

  1. Hello Phra Mick, how are you? Your wordpress is looking nice.

  2. Thanks Thao,

    How are you and where are you now?
    My best wishes and blessings to you and your mother.


  3. Faint….! (i’m fainting to the tune of Unibuds’ song)

  4. Is this the “Oh, Yes!! walking together!” song?

  5. Yep! That’s the one!

  6. นุ้ย Says:

    Dhamma Save me!! Great song! 555555555 This was my first biggest laugh this year. How incredible you are!! I don’t know the tunes but the lyrics are awesome. I want Luang Pi Pandit and Matt to have a look. I laughed so much it started to hurt now. Wa! ha! ha! ha! ha!

  7. Ha ha ha thank you.

  8. Shanty Joeng Says:

    Hi Phra Mick, Great to find out that there’s always lighter side of Buddhism…. so I was thinking how about if we are producing together…. SeinMick show, then we broadcast live using the web? ….. Just a thought on this hot weekend 😛



  9. oh no.. oh no.. not heading that way please~ is hot enough in summer to digest food….. not some other “good” taste that hard to digest… i will find the Red card!

  10. Hi phra Mick,

    How are you? Its been very long since we talked. Nice song…

    Hope to see you soon in Sydney.

    Best Regards,


  11. Hahaha thanks Vivek, I don’t think UNIBUDS members agrees with you.
    I’m in Thailand atm.

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