What does “Zodiac Zoo” have to do with this Selfless Universe?


How can one predict the future?

One needs not be holy…
A good knowledge of astrology will do just fine.
Universe is far too precise for anything to be incident.
Hence there exists no such thing as “prediction”,
but rather the understanding of pre-written chapters.

Changes of course can be made to all pre-prgramming,
however, certain things must also give to maintain the balance.
One can cheat death by dedicating a life time in helping others.

Most importantly… perceptions of this pre-written movie
with actors, actresses, births, aging, sickness and deaths…
aimed purely for emotional viewing -so called Feeling
eventually serves as providores of realisation of
this Selfless Universe.

Don’t just grasp for knowledge of future…
Understand it!


20 Responses to “What does “Zodiac Zoo” have to do with this Selfless Universe?”

  1. Where is the Elephant and Cat Zodiac?

  2. Cats and Bunnies are the same.
    Elephants were eaten by rats and became extinct!

  3. woo hoo…go rats!

    Phra Mick, this is one of the most insightful entries I’ve come across. Things have come a long way, I see…

  4. Nahhhh…
    A cat named Tam visited me in my kuti and meshed on the keyboard. The next thing I knew… this was already on the screen!

  5. Yeah, I thought so, it was Tam, the Phra Mick’s hand which Phra Mick thought it was a cat from the lack of sleeping-ness.

    I personally like the dragon on the side saying Dhamma attack. it’s pretty cute.

    Did the rat ate the pig as well?

  6. Rats are very smart and eat very little.
    People trapped rats, thinking that they can thin out their numbers.
    I like freeing trapped rodents back into their houses!

    Better luck next time silly humans!

  7. That’s not true about the rats.
    One of the animal that eats the most in one day is rats!
    Not elephant or any other animal.
    I never seen Tina eats a lot, but I am sure that she loves eating a lot of variety of food.

  8. นุ้ย Says:

    Just stopped by to visit your website. It looks so cool and very artistic. The Dhamma Attack dragon and the Wisdom Compassion tiger are so cute. Still need time to check all of it though. Anyway, hope everything’s fine in Mae Hongsorn. We’ll catch you up for NY!..Metta/Nui

  9. i do not believe !!!!

  10. Phra Mick… Your site looks sooooo cool!!! How’re you doing Phra Mick? Hope you don’t sweat a lot there… hahahha 😀

  11. Ooops, in case you wonder who I am, I’m Rosie, by the way. 😀

  12. To Berbecu,

    Thank goodness you do not believe me…
    Since I don’t even believe me.

    “belief” = attachment to Thought, Views, Ideas
    I have patented it “a dirty word” a long time ago.

    Gotta see for yourself.

  13. Hi Rosie!

    Soooo very happy to hear from you… thank you for your comment about the site. Tina helped me set it up to spread my annoying ideas to the world. Like a vaccination against insanity (which of course like all vaccines contains the virus). Aren’t we glad Buddhism is a self-dissolving anti-virus?

    Thailand’s going really well. I have been busy with the Thai’s Head Sangha Association on HM The King’s birthday celebration, they had Phra Mickey Rai giving Dhamma talk at Tam Wua Monastery on the day. People were blown away to hear Dhamma from a crazy Australian monk… and although they were informed to fasten their seat belts before the talk began, they ignored the sign and ended up laughing half to death by the time the talk finished.

    I felt honored to have been involved with HM The King’s project and I’ve collected over 1400 photographs, which I’ll send several copies to Australia and to UNIBUDS very soon. Hang on tight… our super-kind Abbot here in Thailand is a very good Happy Buddha-like Tai Chi Master!

    its been soooo fine here up north. Weather is 8degrees in the morning and about 22degrees at maximum during the day. Another amazing master calls me now… and I must soon travel back to the Chonbury to see him.

    Hope to see you very very soon.
    ((((((with all the metta))))))

    phra mick ratanapanyo bhikkhu.

  14. cool ive found a groovey site nice web site phra mick your thoughts and wisdom is devine nothing like it fantastic

  15. นุ้ย Says:

    ‘People were blown away to hear Dhamma from a crazy Australian monk… and although they were informed to fasten their seat belts before the talk began, they ignored the sign and ended up laughing half to death by the time the talk finished’

    I want to have the same chance as those people!! Can’t wait to be there. See yu in a couple of days…

    Chai yo!

  16. Waow.. some wacky comments lol.
    Anyway, i gotta question- why do you (anyone) think that it is only these12 animals which were choosen to fit in the chinese zodiac? Cuz i will be doing an art piece of my own choice n well, lets say the chinese zodiac was the first thing that came to my mind… so i need to find a meaning behind my artwork.

    er.. was i suppose to only answer that self-universe question?

  17. To G,

    For me it’s easier to see people as simple as the 12 animals.
    I have compiled Detailed Chinese Astrology here: https://phramick.wordpress.com/the-final-con/zodiac-and-selfless-universe/

    Please download it, have a read and see if these animals match the persons.
    This may help you with your artwork.


  18. The Cat got tricked by the Rat, so there is no Cat Zodiac

  19. The Cat is alive and well in some Chinese Zodiac, it replaces the Bunny Rabbit. Pig is also replaced by Elephant.

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