Knowing unintentionally is knowing

But trying intently… is not.





4 Responses to “Intent”

  1. You reckon knowing unintentionally could be just plain stupidity?

    My goodness, this site has grown with multiplied rebirths! Shows what an insane begger can do…

  2. Yes Princess.. it sounds that way doesn’t it…

    But because we live in the world of THOUGHTS, IDEAS and VIEWS.

    When we try to solve a typical worldly problem… we use THOUGHTS as tools. And this seems fine…

    But with a Dhamma problem… it is different, because we’re dealing with a paradox.

    Leading with thoughts means we’ve led with attachments. In Pali – known as Miccha Sati (wrong mindfulness), causing CONTROL which leads to the failure in seeing the nature of things as they truly are.

    Since the mind has a mind of its own, when one leads with control and craving… one often gets crushed by disappointments. Hence the old saying “I had a bad meditation today…”.

    Samma Sati (right mindfulness) is knowing which follows the actions, leading to knowing the nature of things as they truly are. I say this without ego “When Samma Sati is in place… it is like a Sword of the Samurai… if defilements are the makers of GOD, then both defilements and GOD will be completely cut” (stolen from Kill Bill and modified).

    Now don’t get me wrong… although we’re all born with Samma Sati, but for many… this function needs training, and that training is filled with control and walking the extreme paths which are not the middle path.

    For example: Have you ever wonder why during the Buddha’s time, The One chose to enlighten non-practitioners more than the practitioners? Because non-practitioners are only one-way extremist, since they only get conned by the mind and not yet by control. They can see the true nature of things much easier than practitioners. This is the reason. Monks don’t have the same capacity as the Buddha, so for them to help others, they must slowly teach others to practice and see.

    And finally my dear beloved sister Princess
    knowing itself is not enlightenment. It’s only the path up to the house… not the house or the “Realisation” itself. If a surgeon tries to know his own mind when he’s making precision cuts on his patients, he’d probably miss. So knowing does not need to be constant… when we’re working… we work. And when we realise… we realise.

    Knowing unintentionally without control does not mean that I allow things to get out of control. Although one must risk all in search of the truth, but understanding of Karma and Five Precepts are important since we don’t just practice for the benefits of ourselves, but for others too.

    Being enlightened does not mean that we lose control of the body & mind, in fact we are no longer controlled by them.

    see what you did? you got me to write a page…
    …hhhhaaaaa (sigh)

    “Oh GOD! Ven. Sariputta jumps over the puddle of water! Oh dear lord! The Buddha lied about him being enlightened!”

    OK… like usual… if all else fails and people hate you when you practice..
    Just telll them “Don’t bother looking at others, just look at yourselves!” and make sure they don’t destroy you before you’re enlightened ‘cause it’s a long wait to be 23 again! Hahaha. Just kidding…

    I hope this helps.
    Please let me know and i’ll write more if you need more juice.


  3. Thanks brother Phra Mick for typing till you nearly died…
    I think i get what you are trying to say. Are you saying that intention is often muddled with self and attachments, and therefore knowing with intention is not really knowing, but just intellectual understanding from the reference point of oneself?

    With your house analogy, is enlightenment the house or the realisation that there is no house? Striving towards enlightenment is the path, but attachment to it can become a hindrance. See for example the way Ven. Sariputta was enlightened. I’m picky, i know. I’m just bored of my assignment and wanna pick a fight! hahaha…pls don’t write until you bleed this time!

  4. Thanks for replying…… (boring voice) haha

    see sis, i’m a matrix monk… so i talked in codes… for that i’m sorry.

    yee wun ta puck a fygt?
    im willim walace yu kno

    really? what kinda fight are we gonna have? is it gonna be a cat fight? cause i’ve been watching some cats having fights right outside my kuti’s window all night and i think i’ve learned some new moves. hahaha.

    the answer to your first question:

    “I think i get what you are trying to say. Are you saying that intention is often muddled with self and attachments, and therefore knowing with intention is not really knowing, but just intellectual understanding from the reference point of oneself?”

    is…. yes.

    the answer to your second question: “realisation is the house” is the straight analogy.

    The third point about Ven. Sariputta i’m a bit lost princess…
    but i feel happy that this webblog had helped removed some of your boredoms.

    your bro.

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