Importance of Bad People

Why do we despise bad people?

Why do we try and try to forgive bad people, but still their speeches and actions constantly upset us?

Is it because we fail to see that we ourselves are also bad? or

Is it because we fail to UNDERSTAND importance of the “bad” itself?

See… without bad, there will be no good to compare with.

Without bad, there will be no examples of it to see, no challenges… no striving to realise the Noble Truths, no Enlightenment, no Buddha, Dhamma or Sangha.

And without bad… there will be nothing to inspire people to be good.

No wrongs, no rights.

No bad guys, no good guys

No bad monks, no good monks.

No Devadassa, No Buddha.

Understand first… then forgive

and be free.



4 Responses to “Importance of Bad People”

  1. I’ve been usually quick to forget this lesson. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. me too Oz…

    missing you.

  3. Oh so true! But…still it’s sooooo annoying! Most of us know that within darkness is light, within difficulties is opportunities for growth and understanding, but must the challenges be soooo hard? Whoever designed this system must be sadistic…!

  4. yep!
    he and the rest of us.
    i guess that makes the designer and players equal.

    ever notice why the best TV series are full of struggling heros / heroines tring so hard just to get by each day? audiences love this theme the most. we love watching people suffer, that is our nature.

    we all love sadistic life styles

    so we cop it in our faces.

    live by the sword – die by the sword, said “Jesu of Nazareth”.

    in deeper levels… some of our fantasies are also quite sadistic.
    i don’t know if you’ll agree.

    well.. sis… that’s how its governed.
    experiences are expensive.

    if they’re bad… and you try to help ’em… they’ll die,
    if they’re bad… and don’t help ’em… they still die,
    and if they’re bad… and you don’t help ’em long enough…
    they may even die a few more million times
    and eventually become The One.
    you never know.


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