An Insane Beggar Production

The name says it all…

Nothing sane happens on this page.

Because appearances are deceiving…

we’re here because we are insane…


Like an old quotation by Venerable Buddhadasa Bhikkhu.

“There are only two types of people in this world:

1. People who are insane with enough mindfulness to realise that they are insane.


2. People who are insane and think that they are not.


Insane enough to be born…

insane enough to witness deaths of our friends and relatives…

to witness our own death… and insane enough to do it a million times more…”

This webblog was created for those

who walk a different paths to the world,

willing to risk all in search of the ultimate truth.

And leaving it up to you…

to speak your minds.



6 Responses to “An Insane Beggar Production”

  1. soo….what is the way out of this insanity?

  2. Just be a insanely happy person first… my dear sister.

    And the rest is in the making… as we follow “ourselves” down the rabbit hole, along with the teachings of the man called “The One”.

  3. what if i’m a sanely happy person in denial of my insanity?

  4. Denail is a good thing princess!

    Like most Buddhists who deny buddhism to be a show about nothing! And they have faith in the “NOTHING” that leads them to become more experienced and skilfull players in the Thought, Memory & Feeling Casino.

    We’re here because we’re crazy indeed. As long as you are happy… that’s the first step.

    Denail or not is not important.


  5. i see…and how does wisdom fit into this whole denial scheme?

    Is ignorance really bliss? Or is truth greater?

    Please pardon my ignorance about ignorance, and denial about indenial.

  6. It is a very very very (and i mean very) long road to that kind of wisdom Tina…

    Not the wisdom of seeing nature of things as they are…
    But the Wisdom in HELPING others to see it.

    Now Thailand has typically two types of monks,
    1. Calm ones
    2. Crazy ones

    People criticize the crazy Samanas so much, saying all sorts of negative things. Like their practices for example “How can those monks be aware of themselves while they are in those fluctuating mental states? And why do they use those insanely repugnant languages?!!! These monks are the true killer of Buddhism!!”

    However… there are many who love the Crazy Samanas (known as jumping minded monks in Thai) for their directness and great Wisdom without complicated derailments through displays of good languages or behaviors, and they object to the comments made by Calm Samana lovers with great wisdom. “People who appear to be good are not often true in their minds. One says one did not break the precepts the Buddha directed… but one already broke the Dhamma for being born in the first place… for that, is an unnatural mental state! One who wishes to progress in the Dhamma should not look at others, but at themselves. Whether one commits good or bad Karmas, has nothing to do with practice of selflessness, since in the mental state of the Middle Way, one does not appreciate good karmas nor fear bad karmas… therefore teaching people to love good karma is false teaching!”

    See princess… they are both right… and they are both wrong…

    This Wisdom in helping others to see the truth is the hardest of all. Only the Buddha (as the oldest player) has the vision through his long and extended experiences in this casino of birth and death.

    I say…
    Let Samsara be…
    Let everybody hit their own delicious mental walls…
    Sooner or later when it hurts long enough… we’re gonna crave the damn truths. Because we can’t stand being lied to anymore.

    Does this make sense to you?
    Sorry if my points jump a bit… but it’s the best I can do.


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