Quotes – Phra Mick III

Quotes – Phra Mick III

Like a Jar of garlic, used up, washed, dried in the sun and stored away. A year later when opened the fragrance is still there… Habits are most difficult creatures to tame.

The difference between Buddha and Arahants IS Habits. While Buddha cleansed all of his habits, Arahants cannot. They can only realise habits are not theirs.

Arahants point to a tree and tell you it is a tree, the feelings associated with that tree (or a tiger or a spider) due to deep habits. Buddha however see the ultimate truth.

Most Arahants cannot tell you how the mango seed the size of your palm can spring roots, trunk, branches, leaves, fruit and within the fruits… more mango seeds. The DNA of Universe cannot be discovered unless all habits are eliminated.

Buddha’s Utimate is the end of habits… for his operating system is no longer governed  to the 5 Aggregates. His mind software renews.

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