Quotes – Phra Mick II

Quotes – Phra Mick II

Having been to different forest monasteries made me realise how many ghosts there were in Bundanoon.

Black-boxes are recovered after air crashes. So you see… we need to crash from time to time to see the raw data.

Yin seasons come in many shapes and forms… one of our villagers has tortured himself by fasting for over a month. When asked to stop, he replied “God has not given me the sign to quit!”

The freed mind ‘accepts’ the undisrupted thought traffic. It neither become a road rager nor shoot the highway patrol officer… nor does it Flow with it.

“The mind is great! It played me a song I haven’t heard in 10years!” said me. “It’s like being with a naughty cat full of fleas!” said master.

We make our points, sell our thoughts and arguments with spins, sometimes propagating all our appearances, persona, charisma & finess to achieve it.

Meanwhile we lose sight of balance… and the big picture.

Penetrate this sublime intention and pierce the super-ego.

Find me an idiot who approached the Buddha and requested for precept. Be daring! Be entertaining! Be the first to land yourself on the world’s most spectacular moron list for the next Tripitaka!

We cannot stop what isn’t ours to stop.

A single leaf blowing in the wind.
Who knows the true forces at play?
Who knows who is seeing?
Who knows who is thinking?
Who knows what is watching…

Dhamma comes from inner harmony… one cannot achieve this without knowing oneself. Else the great Dhamma actor claims victor.

You should not believe a bald-headed bastard like me… you should see for yourselves.

To win over people’s heart, we must beat them at their games… at their views of the world and not our own.�

Simplest view of Life… it is an illusion.

Taking place on an automated space-particle gaming platform, with the five senses, thought, memory & feeling as game interfaces… to most, it is as real as it gets. But to a few, ‘life’ is but a dream.

Do not confuse the mindful with the restraint. The difference is unconditional acceptance.�

The unpretentious are the luckiest people in the world.�

We act without acting… our scripts are subliminal.

Take the eyes as cameras… unless we’re dead, when does data ever stop coming in?

Even when eyelids are closed, the black is still registered.

Can we ever control the data?

Now contemplate same for ear, nose, tongue, touch, thought, memory & feelings!

Stillness decays with time, but insight knowledge does not.�

Trust in an evil person there is good… and in a good person there is evil.

I speak from experience when i say “So many dramatic barriers between people, unable to face one-another with their inner-selves. It’s separating our worlds apart.” we certainly are not happy with who we are.

The majority looks out with it. The minority looks in with it. Only a few really looks at it.

All things can change in a hurry… expect the unexpected.

A good person does not know why he is good until a junior stole his limelight… his displeasing evil screams and his original intention known.

There’s always a need to be important, a need to be needed, a need to be given attention… to be perfect & to be loved. Steering us away from discovering our own inner sanctuary.

When depression hits, wisdom gets shot to bits. What used to cut suffering sharply now blunt. It’s time for Giving. Walk your Bodhisattva paths, keep yourselves happy. Be not attached to wisdom for it will come back. It was never yours in the first place…

When we cannot see life as constant suffering, we miss the 1st Noble Truth.

We change our postures 1,000,000 times a day because of suffering.

Wisdom is a double-edged sword. What saves you also kills you.

Each different suffering of the mind calls for different angles of attack… every path has its benefits.

Suffering is like the boxer who enters the ring, corners you and hits you. Each time you out maneuver him you learn  new angles of defence.

The better your defences get so do his attacks. Until you realise there is no boxer -nor- you. There just is…

Suffering is the inner struggle. Happiness is to live with wisdom of harmony.

We look… but what is looking can’t see what it’s doing.

I traveled the world… to many spiritual locations, meeting spiritual guides who I asked for the truth. Strangely, their fingers all pointed back at me.

A brand spanking new rooster just arrived on the farm raced off to mate with 150+ hens from lunch time to sun down, 50+ ducks from sun down to dinner then gave chase to 25 or so swans from after dinner time to midnight. The farmer watched in horror as he witnessed the mayhem jumping across one from to the next… thinking “Gosh… this new guy’s gonna kill himself.” Upon the farmer’s inspection next morning his rooster was dead. As the farmer neared the carcass… “Shhhh….” said the rooster “back away man! The sexy mama vulture is watching!”

We ask for the truth… but when told where to look we feel threatened, become evasive… out maneuvering ourselves till we feel better, smile & turn away. “Only the wisest and the stupidest of men never change.” – Confucius.

Why do we feel threatened?
Which would you like to see first? Batman or Behind the scenes of Batman? It is our dream world that is threatened.

Whatever is written… when read will have at least a double meaning.

To have an open mind regarding various paths of practice, we need to understand which chains on the 12Links are being cut according to which paths.

Watching Movie is allowing ‘data’ to feed into our eyes, our ears, bouncing in our thoughts, our memories & feelings. The same with watching life, or reading a book, or getting hypnotised by ideas and believing them to be true. The same with faith & religions. Buddhism takes a practitioner to a place where there is no Buddhism. It’s a John Lennon’s religion. It’s the last con… a show about nothing.

Flashes in your mind are the animating strings of the puppet. Catch plenty of flashes & earn the frequent mindfulness points. See who controls you…

An expensive plant in Switzerland is considered weed in Thailand.�

After 3 breaths it focuses on its own, by its own habit. Nothing to do with the I, me or mine. With this wisdom… i meditate.

Don’t take sweetly naieve for purity… for this game isn’t pure. Otherwise those sweet and innocents would already be enlightened. Good has its rewards and bad has its effects, but the exit from the game is far trickier than morality. It takes an indifferently rediculed fashion of playing.

Nothing ever dies. All deaths are of bodies and energy cannot be destroyed. Every loss of life has its lesson. Value all life I shall… with this wisdom.

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